Services Offered by Beast Electric

At Beast Electric LLC, we are family owned and offer a wide range of electrical services for residential and commercial properties, from general electrical repair to home automation and exterior lighting. With over 22 years of experience owner, Jon Mahr always provides quality, professional work for every project, large or small.

Whether you have an electrical emergency in the middle of the night, need a backup generator, or want to install an outdoor kitchen, Beast Electric offers services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer a wide array of services for all your commercial properties, including a full range of assembly, testing, and electrical wiring services. We can install appliances, fixtures, circuit breakers and much more.  Our fully licensed and insured team is ready to tackle any job.

No project is too small for Beast Electric. We offer a full range of testing, problem diagnostic, installation of appliances and fixtures, and much more. Any home electrical need is just a call away.

Beast Electric offers 24/7 emergency service. Regardless of the time owner, Jon Mahr will answer your call. Shorted circuits, broken power outlets, power outages and surges, etc., your emergencies are our emergencies.

When thinking about bringing that outdated ceiling fan into the 21st century, remember to call Beast Electric. A new ceiling fan is an effective way to heat and cool your space, it saves money can add value and décor to boot. No need risk a do-it-yourself job, The Beast takes care of all the electrical wiring and installation. Our experienced team can make the process seamless.

Some jobs are best left to the professionals, which is why you should call Beast Electric to install any circuit breakers in your home. When it comes to installing electrical circuit breakers, there is no fear. We make sure the correct circuit breaker is installed properly from our qualified staff.

Many times with newer circuit breakers a simple reset is all it takes to solve the issue. If the reset is not remedying the situation, Beast Electric can help. We’ll take a closer look at the problem and have your circuit breaker repaired and working in no time.

From wiring small rooms to entire buildings, no project is too small. Commercial Electrical Wiring is usually more complex and involves higher grade materials to meet local code. Beast Electric has extensive experience in electrical wiring and will get the job done right the first time.

Exterior lighting can add presence and ambiance to your business or commercial space. Industrial lighting can include parking lot lights, building lights as well as accent lightening on your building. From replacing lights to maintenance of your commercial exterior lighting, Beast Electric does it all.

Though the electrical panel looks to be simple install, it is very complex and is the beating heart of your electrical system. Whether you are getting your first electrical panel for your home or replacing a worn electrical panel, you can rest assured that Beast Electrical will properly install your new electrical panel.

When you are having issues with the electrical system, make sure you find the right company for the job. If have an electrical panel in need of repair, waste no time and call Beast Electric. A faulty electrical panel can lead to circuit shorts and potentially fire. With proper care our company can have you back online in no time.

Modern appliances require much more power than previously before. The electrical service of your home dictates how many appliances can be run at once. Many homes have insufficient amp services which don’t provide enough power for multiple products such as electric hot water heaters, electric stove and hair dryer to be used all at once. Beast Electric has the skills and expertise to upgrade your electrical amps.

Whether a lightbulb is flickering or the power is out altogether, Beast Electric can help. We offer a full range of wiring, switch, panel and outlet repairs, and much more. You can trust The Beast to get all of your electrical needs repaired in a timely and professional manner.

From commercial to residential, Beast Electric does it all. Whether you’re doing new construction and need an entire space wired or are updating old wiring, we can help. Outdated wiring can cause potential hazards such as shorts and fires. When it comes to the details, leave it to us!

Exterior lighting is a great and cost effective way to refresh the outside of your home as well as give it some added value. Beast Electric makes installing exterior lighting simple and easy. We offer lighting for patios, bars, and any other outdoor spot. As the homeowner all you need to do is select the exterior fixtures you want and tell us where you want them installed.

At Beast Electric, we understand that all of our clients are busy and may not have time to deal with faulty electrical. We offer services such as circuit breaker installation, electrical repair, lighting installation, generation installation, breaker and switch installation and much more! If you run into an electrical emergency, Beast Electric offers 24 hour emergency service to ensure you’re taken care of.

Beast Electric is an authorized Generac Power Systems dealer and can install your Generac generator and other products with ease. When power outages hit, don’t get stuck in the dark without electricity! Call Beast Electric to discuss your generator needs today.

Home automation systems provide convenience, personal security, comfort, and time savings. A basic system controls several subsystems such as lighting, security, heating and cooling, entertainment, appliances, and even motorized drapes. Beast Electric is an expert home automation system installations and can link any device inside and outside of your home to be controlled alongside your communication and security system. Home Automation Services include: Climate control systems, media and home entertainment systems, low voltage wiring systems, installation of coaxial and fiber optic cable, smart home wiring, telephone and network data wiring, and main electrical services and upgrades.

If you’re considering rewiring any lighting in your home, save yourself the hassle and call Beast Electric. Everything from chandeliers to wall switches, rewiring or installing new ceiling lights or fans, you can count on The Beast to get it done right the first time.

Running network cables can be a tedious task, fortunately Beast Electric can make it a breeze. Network cable is a cable run on the interior of the home that connects devices, anything from coaxial cables to Ethernet lines.

Mounting and installing your new Flat Screen TV to your desired space is no problem for Beast Electric. Our knowledgeable team makes sure your new investment is safe and secure on bracket.  Pesky wires? No problem! The Beast can make your space look flawless and wire free with ease.

Though you may have a backup generator for your home or business, it may not be enough to keep the lights on during a bad storm. Installing a generator transfer switch ensures the switch from utility power to generator power is seamless. Our skilled team at Beast Electric can install a generator transfer switch easily and cost effectively.

There is no electrical service that is out of reach for Beast Electric. From old electrical systems, outdated panels and appliances, and outlets that are non-functional, we can repair it all. Our main priority is getting you up and running better and safer than before we started the project.

Your newest toy might look great in the box but when it comes time to install it, you might have second thoughts. Beast Electric is here to help. We offer a full range of home theater installations from speakers and viewing screens to projectors and televisions.

A newer innovation in today’s market is home lighting control. With adjustments made from a smartphone or computer, controlling your lights has never been easier. Not only is it effective, but it can save the homeowner some serious money. Our knowledgeable staff at Beast Electric can save you time and money by installing a new home lighting control system.

Lutron Lighting offers control systems, dimmer, shades systems, and much more. Beast Electric has experience installing and maintaining Lutron systems. Trust The Beast to save you time and money by investing in a Lutron Lighting System.

Lighting is a key feature that brings value to your home. Poor lighting can be very cumbersome to overcome. Beast Electric can help you enhance the look of your home using residential lighting systems that can brighten and make it more visually appealing for visitors.  From small accent lightning around the home to full property lighting, we do it all.